Anatomy Of A Chapter

BNI’s networking structure is built on a business model; that is, each chapter is run like a business, not a social club or other type of organization. Meetings are run by agenda, and fit into a specific time schedule. This allows members to know what to expect each time, so they can concentrate on giving and receiving referrals.

Chapters are organized much like a business as well, with management, departments, committees, accounting, marketing, and so on. Here’s a brief look at some of the parts that make up a successful BNI chapter like Business Power Network.

Anatomy of a successful BNI chapter

Leadership Team
Functions as management for the chapter, keeping the meetings running smoothly, keeps track of the chapter’s statistics, keeps up on the latest BNI programs, corresponds with the Area Director.

Visitor Host & Team
Welcomes guests to the meeting, introduces them to members and other visitors, keeps attendance records for each meeting.

Mentor & Team
Responsible for training new members during the first few weeks of membership, and assists LT and EC with ongoing education for the chapter.

Power Team Coordinator
Assigns members to a Power Team, keeps a schedule of all Power Team meetings, keeps track of professions desired by each team.

Membership Committee
Screens applicants for acceptance, evaluates existing members’ participation, handles member complaints and absentee issues.

Education Coordinator
Presents an educational moment each week, to help members improve their networking skills, and to help the chapter grow as a whole. Works closely with LT to outline chapter goals and training needs.

Event / Growth Coordinator
Responsible for promoting the chapter through scheduled Visitor Days, social events, and local networking opportunities.

Website & Social Media
Promotes the chapter and its members through this website, and by maintaining a strong social media presence.