Our Chapter Leadership

BNI chapter has a management team, much like a business. Leadership in the chapter is on an entirely volunteer basis, and members serve for a one-year term in the role they choose. These dedicated individuals help the group function smoothly, improve, and grow. Our current leadership team consists of:

Julian Garcia - Nations Insurance
Julian Garcia

Alex Tyler - Great American Title
Alex Tyler

Terri Frerking - Shelter Insurance
Terri Frerking

Education Coordinator

Event / Growth Coordinator

Rachel Fortenberry - Fortified Elder Law
Rachel Fortenberry
Mentor Coordinator

Cary Prater - RPM Momentum
Cary Prater
Power Team Coordinator

Leslie Callison - Unburdened
Leslie Callison
Visitor Host

Meeting Timer: Noble Bowman
Membership Committee: Kyle Haun, Noble Bowman, Martin Sansom
Visitor Host Assistants: Everyone!
Website & Social Media: Martin Sansom, Rachel Fortenberry, Julian Garcia

For more information on the responsibilities of each of these leadership roles, please see Anatomy of a Chapter.