Video Posting: Dropbox

Here are the instructions to upload your videos to Dropbox.  Once uploaded, I will post to the BPN Facebook page and website.  You can view from there, or I can send you direct links to share.

Direct from smartphone using the Dropbox app:

1) Open the app and sign in. You should see a shared folder called ‘Video Testimonials’ on your Home screen. (If not, use the menu to go to Files.)
2) Tap the folder to open it, then tap the blue + sign at bottom.
3) Tap on ‘Upload Photos or Videos’, then browse through your files to find your video(s).
4) Tap the files you want to select them, then tap the blue UPLOAD button.
5) When the upload finishes, you’re done!

Direct from computer to Dropbox website:

1) Open the Dropbox website ( from any browser and sign in.
2) Look for the shared ‘Video Testimonials’ folder (again, either on the Home screen or in Files), and click it to open.
3) From the right menu, click on ‘Upload Files’, then browse through your files to find the video.
4) Highlight it, then click ‘Open’ and it will upload. That’s it!