Video Posting: Facebook

Here are some general instructions for posting to Facebook. These may not be exact to every situation, but they should be close enough to get the job done.

Direct from phone to Facebook:

This would be the easiest way to get your video online, if you have the Facebook app on your phone. I would also recommend, if you have posting access on your company’s Business Page, that you post the video there first, then share it on your personal page. The video posting process is the same either way, you would just have to navigate to your Business Page and create the post there.

1) Tap the ‘Create a post’ area (where it usually says “What’s on your mind?”). (Do NOT click the little Photo icon next to it, unless you are actually going to take the video at that moment. I’m assuming that you’ve already done that part, ha.)
2) On the posting screen, tap Photo/Video beneath the text area, which should open your phone’s photo gallery. Look for the video you want to post, click on it, then click on DONE.
3) You can then edit the video if you want – look for ‘Edit’ at the bottom of the screen. If you tap there, you have several options:

– You can trim the video to cut off unwanted parts at the beginning or end.
– You can change the default thumbnail.
– You can turn the video sideways if needed.

4) Be sure to click SAVE if you have made any changes.
5) Before posting, check to be sure you have set the audience for this post to ‘Public’ (if that is not your default setting). That option should be right below your name at the top of the post.
6) Finally, “Say something about this video…” so people know why you are putting it out there!
7) When done, tap POST and the video will upload. Could take a while depending on size of video and speed of your phone’s service.

Direct from computer to Facebook:

If you are able to download the video from your phone to your computer, you’ll get more options when posting to Facebook. Again, if possible, post to your Business Page then share on your personal page.

1) In the ‘Create Post’ area, click on Photo/Video, then ‘Upload Photos/Video’. Browse through your files to find the video, then click ‘Open’.
2) A video posting box should pop up showing the uploading progress and the various options you have to choose from. These may be on the same screen, or you may have to click ‘Next’ to get through them.

– At the minimum, you’ll want to give the video a title, and a description.
– You can tag the people in it, as you would a photo, or add other tags such as “carpet cleaning”.
– You can change the thumbnail (but as far as I can tell, you cannot trim the video on a computer).
– You can select where to distribute the video, and add embedding or cross-posting abilities.
– You can add sub-titles, captions, polls, tracking information, favorite color, musical interludes, etc. etc. etc.

3) When you’re all done, you can click ‘Publish’ and you are done!