Video Posting: LinkedIn

Here are the instructions for posting your video testimonials on LinkedIn (and boy, is it easier than on Facebook). Again, these may not be exact to your situation, but they ought to be close enough to get the job done.

Direct from phone to LinkedIn:

1) In the LI app, tap the + icon at the bottom of your screen to open the posting dialogue.
2) Tap the video icon (arrow inside a box) at the bottom of the screen. This will open your phone’s camera.
3) You should see an icon of a video camera on the bottom right side. Tap that icon to switch your camera to video mode. (It will change to a camera after tapping it.)
4) Next, tap the icon on the left side (a stack of photos) to open your phone’s gallery. (If you don’t switch to video mode first, you’ll only see pictures, not videos.)
5) Search for the video you want to upload, tap it, then tap the blue arrow to go back to LI’s posting dialogue.
6) Prior to posting, be sure the audience is set to ‘Anyone’ (this option should be right below your smiling mug at the top of the screen).
7) Enter any text you want to add about the video, then tap on ‘Post’ and you’re done! (May take a few moments to upload.)

Direct from computer to LinkedIn:

1) At the top of the LI Home screen, where it says ‘Start a post’, click on the video camera icon.
2) Browse through your computer’s files to find the video you want to upload, select it, and click ‘Open’.
3) Again, make sure the audience for this post is set to ‘Anyone’. You can also add hashtags to the post if you feel like it.
4) Enter anything you want to say in the text box, click ‘Post’, and you’re done once the video uploads and processes.