Sights And Soundbytes From The BNI Annual Success Conference

Scott Simon - BNI Conference - 09/14Why it is worth your time (and money) to be involved in BNI:

  • It helps you to grow your business.
  • It allows you to help others grow their businesses.
  • It improves your professional speaking ability.
  • It is a tremendous forum for professional advice that you would otherwise have to pay for!

– Scott Simon, celebrating his 20th year as a BNI Executive Director.


Ivan Misner - BNI Conference - 09/14


“Each time you help someone, it sends out a little ripple. Add all these little ripples together and they become a great wave that changes the way the world does business.”

– Dr. Ivan Misner, founder of BNI




Mike Tobin - BNI Conference - 09/14Many people join BNI because they have either fired Corporate America, or been fired by Corporate America. Therefore, many members in BNI are entrepreneurs, who hate being told what to do!  Our challenge as chapters is to turn these potential “dissatisfiers” into satisfiers, not by making them into good followers, but by making everyone into good leaders. To do this effectively, we need to:

  • Track and recognize achievement, not just individually but as a chapter
  • Recognize and award that achievement in front of our peers
  • Make sure everyone does “the work” (as in network, not net-sit or net-eat)
  • Require personal responsibility for all
  • Give opportunity for advancement into leadership roles for all
  • Help all to achieve growth — business growth, assuredly, but even more importantly, personal growth.

Can you dig it?

– Mike Tobin, Regional Director for Here There & Everywhere