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The Roost

Social in Less Than Half an Hour?

No clucking way! But yes, it is true -- we are mere moments away from this month's event, happening extremely soon at The Roost Bar & Grill on West Sunshine ...
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Bart Pinkerton Induction into BPN

New Member On Board!

Business Power Network is proud to annouce the addition of another new member! Bart Pinkerton of USA Mortgage has joined our ranks, and we're glad to have him.  Bart, shown ...
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Great Tips for Talking to Others

Great Tips for Talking to Others

Two of the top concerns I hear from new BNI members are "How do I get up and talk about myself in front of others without seeming foolish?" and "How ...
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Snow And Ice Be Damned – It’s Social Hour!

If it doesn't stop the Postal Service, it won't stop us, so come out and join us tonight at the TymeOut Sports Bar. It may be cold outside, but you ...
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International Networking Week

Hey, did you know it's International Networking Week?  If not, watch this video from Dr. Ivan Misner, and then you'll know all about it.  Got a business buddy in another ...
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Eric Gasa Induction to BPN

Happy New Year = Happy New Member

Well, it's the first meeting of 2015, and why not start things off right by adding a new member to Business Power Network!  We would like to welcome Eric Gasa ...
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Out With The Old…

...and in with the new!  Leadership for Business Power Network changes every October 1st, when lucky new volunteers take over the running of our 'business'. The luckiest of the lucky, ...
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Travis Aleshire Induction to BPN

The Grass Is Greener On BPN’s Side!

Well, the Thanksgiving holiday weekend may be over, but we're still giving thanks here at Business Power Network.  And we are especially thankful that we've added a new member!  Travis ...
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It’s Way Back! It Might Be, It Could Be… It Is!

BPN Social Hour!  And keeping in tune with our chosen location's sports theme, can anybody name the owner of that patented home run call? Whether you can, or whether you ...
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Windy Cox Induction to BPN

Well, That Was Quick!

After only being on the job for two weeks, our new Leadership Team has already added a new member to Business Power Network!  Here is new President Steve Cox inducting ...
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Social Hour Tonight, Rain Or Shine!

Or maybe that should be "rain or rain" as it doesn't look like stopping any time soon!  In any case, open up that umbrella, and come out and join us ...
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Zach Hulm Induction to BPN

Leaving (With) A Good Impression

With only a week to go in their tenure, our 2013-14 Leadership Team added one more member to our chapter.  Not only that, but as our newest member, Zach Hulm ...
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Scott Simon - BNI Conference - 09/14

Sights And Soundbytes From The BNI Annual Success Conference

Why it is worth your time (and money) to be involved in BNI:
  • It helps you to grow your business.
  • It allows you to help others grow their businesses.
  • ...
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BNI Logo - Color

Don’t Forget To Remember Not To Forget!

Wasn't that George Jones? Something like that.  Anyway...  just a reminder that we have NO meeting today.  Be sure to tell any potential visitors that you might have so they ...
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BNI Success Conference 2014

BNI Success Conference In 10 Days

The annual fall Success Conference for the BNI Mid America region is coming up quickly!  Only 10 days away, on September 19th, so don't wait much longer to get registered ...
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Social Hour In Just A Few…

Yes, it is THAT time of the month again -- the BPN Social Hour is upon us.  This evening it will be at Big Whiskey’s on Battlefield. The Business Support ...
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Scott Dickinson being inducted into BPN

BPN Is Back On The Air!

Business Power Network is back on the radio airwaves... in a manner of speaking!  We have just added a new member, Scott Dickinson of Mid-West Family Broadcasting.  Scott takes the ...
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Brian Wilmsmeyer & Yadi Molina

A Major League Send-Off

It ALWAYS sucks when you have to say goodbye to a long-term member, and today we bid hasta manana to one of our chapter's finest, Brian Wilmsmeyer of Elite Promotions.  ...
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Tom Kapstrom being inducted into BPN

BPN Adds 1 + 1, Gets 2. New Members, That Is!

Business Power Network has added two new members in the last two weeks -- that's one per week, for those of you counting along at home.  Madame President Stephanie (+1 ...
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BNI Online Activity

Logging Your Activity On BNI Connect Global

For anyone who is struggling with how to log your weekly activity on the BNI website, or for anyone who might just want a refresher, listen up! There is a ...
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BNI Notable Networkers July 2014

Notable Networkers for the Month of June 2014

Here we see Vice-President Josh Jones (left) handing out the Notable Networker awards for the month of June, 2014. Top dogs for the month are (from left) President (+1) Stephanie ...
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