BPN Adds 1 + 1, Gets 2. New Members, That Is!

Tom Kapstrom being inducted into BPNBusiness Power Network has added two new members in the last two weeks — that’s one per week, for those of you counting along at home.  Madame President Stephanie (+1 herself) has been busy zipping around from the front to the back of the LT table, so let’s add some more new members and keep her running ’til her term runs out!

First, here is Tom Kapstrom, an attorney who specializes in personal injury cases. Tom owns Kapstrom Law Firm, and is a native of California, with many years of experience across the broad spectrum of legal practice.

James Lea being inducted into BPNSecond, here is James Lea, a partner with the CPA firm of Sanford, Lea & Associates. James works with both business and individual tax cases, and comes highly recommended from two of our members who already make use of his services.

Let’s get Tom and James on our 1-2-1 schedules as soon as possible, so we can help them learn all about Givers Gain and VCP, and what it means to be a member of BPN!

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