February Social Hour Tonight!

Fellow BPN’ers, guests, friends and family:

It behooves me to announce that, yes, tonight once again marks that time of the month whence social gathering commences, jollity ensues, and liquid refreshments are quaffed. Our venue of choice for this occasion shall be the just-opened Big Whiskey’s on East Battlefield (in the former J. Parrino’s location). Do not fail to be present for this event! Be courageous! Be timely! Be there!

The address: 1550 E. Battlefield (across from the Mall)
The time: 4:30pm (though you may start early by attending the Business Support Power Team meeting)
The website: www.bigwhiskeys.com (though it pains me to send you there – it’s crappy)

Questions? Call Mary Warner, our intrepid Marketing Coordinator, at 417.766-6429.

4 thoughts on “February Social Hour Tonight!

  1. I will probably bring “Reggie” again as a guest…I hope I don’t regret it again like all the other times…you would think I would know better, wouldn’t ya! 🙂

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