Grey Day, Red Week!

It may be cold and grey outside, but it’s RED and AWESOME this week at BPN!  Everyone still has one more day (and a couple of extra hours) to build up the Red team by reviewing them online, so don’t miss your chance.  Fire up that monitor and get going!


Last week’s Double Secret Bonus Point was a little silly — as one person said, it made him feel like he was back in grade school and was going to get pinched for not wearing the right color.  Should have thought of that pinching part BEFORE the meeting! 🙂  So this week, we’ll have a serious DSBP, but one that should still be easy for a chapter full of members who practice Givers Gain.  This week, to earn that extra point, all you have to do is pass a referral at the meeting.  It doesn’t have to be to the Red team; it can be to anyone, even a visitor. So let’s be awesome and get on it!