Guess What? Another New Member Joins BPN

Brock Ruggeri Induction in BPNGreat meeting last week at The Tower Club! Getting away from the usual location once in a while certainly gives one a different perspective, particularly on this occasion, don’t you think? And the highlight of the meeting, as it usually is when we get to do so, was the induction of another new member to Business Power Network: Brock Ruggeri of Barker Phillips Jackson Insurance.

Interestingly, we’ve had several husband/wife pairings in BPN over the years, and brother/sister combinations, but with Brock joining Amy Ruggeri as a member, we now have our first mother/son-in-law duo! Let’s all be sure to get Brock on our 1-2-1 schedules as soon as we can to learn more about his business, and about how we can refer quality business to him. Welcome, Brock!