It’s Not Awesome, But There You Go

The Awesome Challenge is coming to an end in a few short days! Be sure to get your reviews of the BLUE Team done before it’s over! And check below for the info on the last Double Secret Bonus Point of them all…


So, here’s the deal on the final DSBP — we are going to salute those new members in BPN, who have patiently sat by and watched (and hopefully enjoyed) the shenanigans as this Awesome Challenge played out over the last several weeks, by taking the time to give each of THEM a review.

Now, there are 3 new members on this list, and you can only earn 1 bonus point, so it’s up to you which person you review. Of course, you are welcome to review all three if you’d like! But I know that not everyone will have had a chance to meet with, and get to know, our newest members yet, so it’s up to each of you as to what you want to do. In any case, we’re glad they’ve chosen to become a part of our chapter! I have included the links below:

Cyndi Conyers, Federal Protection Cyndi Conyers, Federal Protection


Remember to mention Cyndi by name, as this is a Federal Protection page.

Dani Haden, Great American Title Dani Haden, Great American Title


Ditto for Dani on the Great American Title Google+ page.

Jay Anderson, Shelter Insurance Jay Anderson, Shelter Insurance

LinkedIn:  http:s//

And that’s it — we’re done! Peace out.