It’s Way Back! It Might Be, It Could Be… It Is!

ebfieldBPN Social Hour!  And keeping in tune with our chosen location’s sports theme, can anybody name the owner of that patented home run call?

Whether you can, or whether you can’t, you can still come out and join Business Power Network for some good food, drinks, and conversation tonight.  The location is Ebbets Field, the time is 4:30, and the hosts are Scott and Gary.  And if you want to start early, the Business Support Power Team will be there at 3:30.

The address: 1027 E. Walnut (parking on the street, or follow the teeny-tiny driveway to the back of the building)
The time: 4:30pm (though you may start early by attending the Business Support Power Team meeting at 3:30pm)
The menu: No website, not even a Facebook page.  Pretty fn lame for a restaurant that’s been in business for 30+ years. Oh, and don’t forget to point out all the misspellings on the actual menu to your waitress, then refer her to Roberta.

Questions? Call our unofficial Official Social Hour Coordinator, Gary Gauger, at (417) 848-0984.