Social Hour In Just A Few…

bwlogoYes, it is THAT time of the month again — the BPN Social Hour is upon us.  This evening it will be at Big Whiskey’s on Battlefield. The Business Support Power Team will meet one hour prior to the Social, so if you have the time and the inclination, you should start early by attending it, as well.

A quick refresher, as I’ve been lax in putting out these posts the last few times — we hold these Social Hours each month as a convenient way for each of us to get to know a large number of our fellow members, that takes less time than scheduling separate one-to-ones with everyone. (Those are still very useful, of course, but with our large group, it takes A LOT of time to get to know each of us.) Spend a couple hours each month at a Social and you can get in a whole bunch of face time, get to know others, and help them to get to know you, all while enjoying some good food and a drink of your choice, whether that be water, a Coke, or whatever. We don’t care, just show up!

The address: 1550 E. Battlefield (across from the Mall)
The time: 4:30pm (though you may start early by attending the Business Support Power Team meeting at 3:30pm)
The menu: Big Whiskey’s

Questions? Call our unofficial Official Social Hour Coordinator, Gary Gauger, at (417) 848-0984.