BNI Featured on PBS Nightly Business Report

This video, of the BNI Platinum Chapter in Miami, Florida, has already been featured in the last week as an item in the official BNI News Briefs, as well as on our Regional Directors’ Blog, but it deserves its own post here on the BPN Blog as well — it’s that worthwhile!  This clip is excerpted from the PBS Nightly Business Report which ran on February 23rd, 2010, and discusses how networking, and BNI in particular, have been effective in helping businesses stay afloat, and even grow, during this economic downturn.

Why is this video such a “must-see”?  Because, at just under 4:00 minutes long, it manages to touch on almost all the reasons why BNI can help a business — including those that aren’t monetary in nature.  My favorite is this quote from Brian Bennett, the owner of Spotless Janitor, a commercial cleaning company:  “You’re not just developing clients, you’re developing friends.  Friends don’t leave you — you know, clients do, friends don’t.”  I’m sure all of us in Business Power Network can agree that the friendships we’re building will last long beyond our mutual business relationships.

So don’t just watch this and then keep it to yourself — share it! Share it with others whose businesses can be helped by BNI, and Business Power Network.  Particularly if you know of someone who has been on the fence about coming to a meeting; those of us in BNI know how powerful it is, but some people aren’t even willing to take that first step to find out for themselves.  So, show ’em this video — after all, if they say it on TV, it must be true, right?  🙂