BNI Is More Than Just A Referral Source

A few years ago I joined BNI in an effort to grow my business through referrals and introductions, but what I realize now is that I got a whole lot more. During my time in BNI I have developed a network of contacts, not just in our chapter but throughout the entire area. Those contacts have proved to be invaluable time and time again. Many of these contacts have become strong allies and close friends willing to help out at the drop of a hat.

Several times over the years I have been in need of various services and unaware of who to call or what to do. Never forgetting my BNI friends, I always have been able to make a call and come up with a solution to my problem. It may be as simple as finding a plumber on short notice to handle a small job, or as large as when disaster strikes and you need immediate emergency assistance — someone will be there. Knowing you have this infinite network of professionals gives you peace of mind to feel you are prepared for anything.

So if you are considering BNI, keep in mind there is more to this organization than just referrals. These are people you can contact at anytime that will be willing to help you without hesitation. I know from firsthand experience. There is no dollar value you can place on having that kind of network.

Mike Ferguson
BPN Chapter President 2010-2011