Holiday Travel Info from G.L. Moore Tire Pros

G.L. Moore Tire ProsThis Memorial Day weekend is expected to be the heaviest-traveled holiday weekend since 2005, so take care out there! Here’s some helpful advice from the pros at G.L Moore Tire for weekend traveling:

  1. Do a visual inspection of your vehicle BEFORE you hit the road. 

a)  Check your tires for any abnormalities:  steel belts showing, tread separation, bubble in sidewall, uneven wear, etc.  If you are not sure whether it is an issue or not, and cannot make it into the shop, feel free to take a picture and send it in.  We will let you know what we think as best we can.

b)  Check your tire pressure.  Check pressure when tires are cold (meaning have not been driven… best to check first things in the morning).  Check pressure against what the VEHICLE recommends, and NOT what the tire says.  The tire states the MAX pressure.  You can find your vehicle’s recommended tire pressures on the door placard or in owners’ manual.  If you cannot find it, please let us know and we will try to get that info for you.  Also make sure to use a good pressure gauge.  We don’t really like the digital ones as much, so I recommend purchasing a good one from a reputable AUTO store like O’Reillys.

  1. Fluid checks.

 a)  We recommend to place a cardboard box, rug or towel you don’t mind ruining under your vehicle where you park at night.  Check it for the next few days to see if you have any leaks.  Keep in mind that a lot of vehicles may have a slight oil leak.  If you notice a lot of oil then there could be an issue, but if you have always had a small leak and don’t notice a change you should be OK.  It is recommended to keep a quart or two of the oil you run in your vehicle in your emergency roadside kit.  Also keep in mind that if you see any water that could just be from running your A/C.

 b)  If you notice fluids of a different color (like red) or a very strong distinctive odor it could be another fluid.  Again, if you have any questions, please contact us. Better safe than sorry!

  1. Emergency roadside kit.  There are many options, but here’s a list of items to get you started.
  • Flashlight & extra batteries
  • Jumper cables
  • Fuses (make sure you have the right ones for your vehicle)
  • Tools — pliers, screwdrivers, wrench, etc.
  • Fluids — oil, water, and any other fluids (brake, power steering, transmission) you want to bring as well as a funnel & some rags
  • Gloves
  • Bright cloth or emergency road sign to display in window in case of trouble
  • First aid kit
  • Blankets, extra clothes, pillow, etc.
  • Snacks — protein bars, dry cereals, beef jerky, sunflower seeds, etc.
  • Poncho/trash bags — can be used to cover you or take place of a window if need be
  • Duct tape — we are from the Ozarks right?!  J
  • Emergency numbers — we suggest making a small card of emergency contact info (as well as any important medical info such as allergies, medical conditions, prescriptions, etc.) and laminating it.  Should something happen you may not be available to give them this info.

Finally all G.L. Moore customers are covered by our Nationwide Warranty Plan, which includes Roadside Assistance.  This will include tow, lockout service, fluid delivery (gas, water, oil), jump starts and spare tire installation.  This is a reimbursement plan (meaning you will have to pay up front), but you will get your money back (minus cost of any fluids).  In order to use this, you should contact the warranty company first (1-800-351-8432) so they can start the claim and dispatch a wrecker to you.  (You can just submit the claim afterwrds if you do not call warranty company first, but it will be an easier process if you contact them to start with).  We suggest saving that number into your phone.  However, if you need it you can find it on our website under the WARRANTY page, on our invoicesm and on any warranty paperwork we may have given you.

If you do have any issues this weekend, please feel free to contact us on our shop cell phone (417-830-5304).

Thanks, and please have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!