BPN Gives Thanks… For Another New Member

Chuck Dow Induction to BPNAmong the many things we give thanks for this week at BPN is the chance to add yet another quality business person to our team. This time around it’s Chuck Dow, with Northwestern Mutual, being inducted here by chapter President Jay Anderson, while Amy Ruggeri looks on. As you can see, they are taking things very seriously!

Which is great, because we take closing business and making money for our members very seriously. But as everyone who attends a Business Power Network meeting finds out, “we like to have fun while we get things done”! And having known Chuck for a few years, he will fit right in with our… je ne sais quoi.

Let’s all get Chuck on our 1-2-1 schedules very soon so we can learn how better to refer business to him, and he to us. Welcome to BPN!