Here’s the Latest News…

Dani Haden being inducted into Business Power Network.…Two new members in two weeks! The open categories in Business Power Network are filling up fast, and we’re closing in on $6 million in closed business for the year. If you are a business owner or professional, shouldn’t you be a part of this?Jay Anderson's induction into BPN.

One of the new members who has just been “pronounced BNI” is Dani Haden of Great American Title, but don’t get used to that name, as Dani is about to get married for real! Check back for post-nuptial updates to her nomenclature (and try saying that ten times fast). Our second new member is Jay Anderson of Shelter Insurance. Jay’s an upstanding young professional who may have taken over the title of Tallest BPN Member! We might need to do some measuring to figure that one out.

We officially welcome these two to the best (or at least the most awesome) BNI chapter in SWMO. Let’s get them on our 1-2-1 schedules soon. Congratulations, Dani and Jay!