It’s Green Week, Y’All!

Or at least it is for one more day, so don’t let the last 24 hours slip away and miss your chance to review the GREEN Team! The challenge days are a-dwindling and the nails are a-biting. Who will win? We will see!


Lots of folks are still at or very near the top of the leader-board, so here’s where we separate the men and women from the boys and girls.  Your challenge to earn a Double Secret Bonus Point this week is really a challenge: You must negotiate the BNI Global website and write a review for someone there!  Good luck, you’re on your own!

JK – you wouldn’t think I’d do that to you, would you? Here’s the step-by-step:

1) Log in to BNI Connect Global

2) Hover over “Network” (next to the little Home symbol) and click on Connections

3) You should see all the BPN chapter members, plus anyone else you may be connected to.  Pick the person you are going to review, and click on their name.

4) A mini-version of their profile will appear; click on “Give ________ a Testimonial.”

5) Write it, submit it, that’s it!

Note! This can be a review of ANYONE within BNI, not just within BPN, to count — someone you’ve already reviewed, someone you missed, someone in another chapter, whatever.  It does NOT, however, take the place of your regularly scheduled reviews of the Green Team; it must be in addition to those 4 reviews. Capiche?