Misspellers Untie! It’s Time for BPN Social Hour

ebfieldBPN Social Hour at Ebbets Field tonight! If the rain holds off, it will be a lovely evening for a gathering on the patio. If it doesn’t hold off, well, the beer is still cold.

Master of Ceremonies (and Master of Libations) tonight will be Scott “B’Day Planner Extraordinaire” Dickinson. Come join Scotty for some great food and drinks, and ask him how to be a million-dollar salesman. And if you want to start early, the Business Support Power Team will commence at 4:00.

The address: 1027 E. Walnut (parking on the street, or follow the teeny-tiny driveway to the back of the building)
The time: 4:30pm (though you may start early by attending the Business Support Power Team meeting at 4:00pm)
The menu: No website, not even a Facebook page. Oh, and don’t forget to point out all the misspellings on the menu to your waitress; I’m sure she’ll appreciate it!

Questions? Don’t call our unofficial Official Social Hour Coordinator, Gary Gauger, as he will be in Galena. Instead, call Scott at (417) 894-3462.