BNI Success Conference In 10 Days

BNI Success Conference 2014The annual fall Success Conference for the BNI Mid America region is coming up quickly!  Only 10 days away, on September 19th, so don’t wait much longer to get registered.

You can do so at  The up-front cost is $55, but remember that our chapter will reimburse you for the entire amount after you have attended.

ALL incoming Leadership Team members are required to attend, and it is highly suggested that anyone who will hold a position in the chapter next term attend, as well.  But even if you aren’t doing anything other than just being a darn good member next year, you should still plan on going. There are always new things you can learn, about BNI and how to be a better networker and referral partner.

Hope to see you there!

P.S. As a reminder, BPN will not have a regular meeting that week, on 9/16, so that you can dedicate your BNI time to the conference. Don’t forget to inform any visitors you might have possibly attending!