Our Awesome Featured Team of the Week! April 1, 2014

Let’s hear it for the YELLOW team!  Good job today.  To reward them for being put on the spot in our meeting, let’s all take a few minutes of our time this week and devote it to building up our team members.  I’ve included the social media links for each person below.

Andy Flint, HA Construction Andy Flint, HA ConstructionFacebook:        http://www.facebook.com/haconstruction
Google+:          https://plus.google.com/113994883718950145621/about
Brian Standage, Holmes & Griffeth Brian Standage, Holmes & Griffeth
Please read the important note below about reviewing Brian!Google+:          https://plus.google.com/117244056004200265107/about
Debra Dickinson, Express Employment Pros Debra Dickinson, Express Employment ProsFacebook:       
Google+:          https://plus.google.com/115271945459538878723/about
Gary Gauger, Lasertek Gary Gauger, LasertekFacebook:        http://www.facebook.com/lasertek.inc
Google+:          https://plus.google.com/112063832341116843200/about

IMPORTANT NOTE: At the present time, reviews for Brian Standage are limited due to industry standards and practices. Please feel free to go ahead and write a review, but be aware that Brian may have to hide it until such time as he is allowed to display posted reviews.

Finally, thanks also to our game host and hostess, Chris and Diana, for doing such an excellent job. And there will be a chance to earn Double Secret Bonus Points, but you’ll have to wait until later in the week to find out how. Keep an eye on the blog, and be awesome!