Passing The Torch

The 2010 – 2011 year is winding down and we will soon be passing the torch to the new leadership team. Looking back on this past year we have achieved most of the goals we set forth in the business plan. Our chapter has a cohesive base of members who have formed true, long lasting relationships with one another. We are far more than fellow members of the same chapter; we are friends doing business with one another.

The most important goal set forth at the beginning of the year was to develop our relationships so much so that we could unconditionally, without hesitation, refer business to our fellow members. I firmly believe we have accomplished that. Our chapter has the confidence in one another to trust each other implicitly. That cannot be said for all chapters.

By developing those relationships, we were able to exceed our prior year’s revenue by over 1.5 million dollars. We have set in motion a referral base that should easily carry over to the new fiscal year if we continue to support one another.

Without a doubt, the 2011 – 2012 year should be outstanding. Our new leadership team of Chris Jarratt, Brian Wilmsmeyer and Whitney Moore are all extremely qualified for their positions and will bring forward fresh new ideas that will certainly be successful. Their strength in marketing will help this chapter exceed most others and remain in the top ten throughout the region. We are now and will continue to be one of the strongest chapters in the Midwest. Please join me in welcoming the new transition with optimistic enthusiasm. It is going to be another great year!

Mike Ferguson
BPN President 2010-2011