Social Hour Tonight, Rain Or Shine!

tymeoutfrontOr maybe that should be “rain or rain” as it doesn’t look like stopping any time soon!  In any case, open up that umbrella, and come out and join us tonight at the TymeOut Sports Bar. Just don’t sit in Scott’s seat — you’ll know which one ’cause it’s got his name stencilled on it, right Scott?

“Face time” equals valuable time spent, and if anyone out there has been networking at the Business Expo today, what better way to end your day than relaxing with a cold whatever and some good conversation.  And if you want to start early, the Business Support Power Team will be there at 3:30.

The address: 2902 S. Campbell (in the center behind Hawthorne Bank, where Valentine’s used to be)
The time: 4:30pm (though you may start early by attending the Business Support Power Team meeting at 3:30pm)
The menu: No website (what?!?) but there is a Facebook page

Questions? Call our unofficial Official Social Hour Coordinator, Gary Gauger, at (417) 848-0984.

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