Win Their Trust Without Saying A Word

manmegaphonenoThe Internet is not just a place to proclaim your gospel from the rooftops. It’s also a place to sit back, tune in, and let someone else open your horizons with their own personal testimony.

When you make time for pondering the thoughts, feelings, concerns, and passions that others are sharing, your so-called “target market” will define themselves for you, instead of the other way around.

Listen and Win – Every Day!

We’re all familiar with the “listen and win” contests that radio stations run from time to time: wait for the song of the day, be the tenth caller, and win tickets to the concert.

When it comes to success in life, every day is a “listen and win” experience. When you listen effectively, you win the opportunity to earn the trust of others by offering fresh ideas that address their needs with greater accuracy and consistency.

So, next time you attend a networking event, or peruse your social media feed, here’s how to walk away with a prize every single time. Ask yourself one question:

“What do I want to learn from this?”

When you start with this question, you’ll feel your mind opening up.

At the end, you will have collected a few more golden nuggets of insight that you didn’t have before. Each new golden nugget that you win leads to greater success in helping others, earning their trust, and enjoying a more fulfilling life.


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